Here’s Why Hands-On Training is Important in Medical Education

Medical Education
3 min readAug 11, 2020

The easy availability of the internet has led to a boom in online learning. Online education allows you to access source material across the world wide web while receiving instruction from leading faculties around the world. Yet, when it comes to medical training, online learning needs to be supplemented with a hands-on experience for true understanding. A healthcare professional is responsible for the lives of so many patients. Hands-on medical training is the only way by which they will be prepped to deal with situations in the real world.

Here are some more benefits of hands-on medical training that show how this method of learning truly benefits healthcare professionals:

Observation of Procedures

One of the most important benefits of hands-on medical training is that the course attendees get the chance to witness experts at work. When it comes to procedures such as surgeries, every detail counts. With live observation, you get an in-depth exposure to the finer aspects of a medical procedures that can mark the difference between life and death. You observe the deftness that goes into the process and learn from the experience.

Live and Accurate Feedback

With hands-on medical training, you too get the opportunity to perform a procedure under the observation of your teacher or mentor. This will give you the confidence you need to treat patients in the real world. No amount of simulated procedures can replace this kind of experience. You may even receive a one-on-one training session with a senior doctor where you can truly ask your questions as you go along and have an expert pair of eyes watching you.

Opportunities to Network

One of the biggest advantages of hands-on medical training is that you get to meet and interact with professionals in the medical world. This opportunity works great if you are just starting out in your career. You can develop good connections, demonstrate your skills, and stay in touch to get to know about opportunities. A hands-on medical training session during an internship can actually lead to a permanent placement depending on how well you use the chance you are given.

Training for Teamwork

A lot of medical procedures require seamless communication and interaction between a team of doctors and nurses. Hands-on medical training will teach you to work with the team in a manner that is optimal to the patient’s wellbeing. Team training may usually occur through practical drills that are a part of the lesson.

These are some of the advantages of hands-on medical training that can benefit the healthcare professional. There are many more plus points to this form of learning depending on the platform you choose and what you take from your course. To that effect, Medical Learning Hub (MLH) is one of the leading platforms offering a variety of on-site and hands-on training courses for continuing medical education (CME). Doctors and residents can also opt to pursue a fellowship on the MLH website. Additionally, there are also many expert-led webinars on various topics and specializations in medicine. Log on to the MLH website today to learn more.



Medical Education

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